Hi, my name is Magdalena! I am a visual and UI/UX designer based in the Bay Area. I've had a pencil in my hand since the age of three, and have a natural passion for creating meaningful artwork that resonates with those around me. I have developed my skills in a design career where I enjoy problem solving, collaborating, and exploring different design concepts. I succeed when I create design solutions that connect with people, while making it beautiful all at the same time.

I graduated from the BFA Graphic Design program at San Jose State University, where only about 30 students get in each year. The BFA Graphic Design is a 2 year program, where students dive into both print and time based projects, and select a concentration the final year of the program. I concentrated in time based (web design, mobile applications, and motion graphics). During the program, I interned as a graphic designer at NetApp based in Sunnyvale. After graduating, I left NetApp and started my journey at Michael Patrick Partners, a design agency located in San Francisco. Shortly after, I started as a UI/UX and visual designer at Xcalar, where I continued to craft my skills and pushed my career in product design. At Xcalar, I was able to redesign the product from the ground up, focusing on the best user experience for our target audience. 

Connect with me at mardinianm@gmail.com
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